Friday, January 22, 2010

etstuff. PART TWO!

Ugh. Old pics are gone, old vids are down, the text still might not work. So, taking a cue from Hollywood I've decided to "reboot" this blog. You may not notice anything different, but believe me everything has been given a new boot.

So, what to talk about in the months I've been gone? How about RANDOM THOUGHTS IN 141 LETTERS OR MORE!!!!!!

I know that January is a bad, bad place for movies except Avatar, but this time it might go on to February. I mean do people really want to see these? Do people say "Hmm... that movie that looks like every other awful movie is coming out, but I'll spend my $10 on it anyway because I feel like wasting two hours and paying for it too!" If you have ever said that, then go get help because that is a really weird thing to say.

So we're in a new year huh? So far so good. But, there is one thing I can not stand the name. No not 2010, it looks cool in addition to being hard to type. But what I don't like is what people are calling it. Twenty-ten. I know that's what we're supposed to call it but I don't like it. And if I don't like it then nobody can! That's the Tech way. Forget team CoCo, team two-thousand-and-ten FTW!

Wow, that's a lot of text with no pictures. Here's a demotivational poster.

Speaking of team CoCo... Did you see this? Did you hear about this?* Jay Leno agreed to leave The Tonight Show and give it to Conan O' Brian. Then he decided to stick with NBC and just move to 10:00. Then, NBC said they don't like Leno at 10:00 or Conan at 11:35. So Conan leaves, gets a lot of money, and Jay moves back to The Tonight Show. But NBC still keeps all of Conan's characters. NBC yo so crazy!
*Read in Jay Leno's voice.

So that's it for now. I will post more often and about a variety of stuff. After all, it wouldn't be called a "reboot" if it was exactly the same right? Right?

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